Fuel deck plate filler and filling line to the tank

Deck Plate Filler underside of deckplate filler

This is a typical fuel tank deck plate filler which the examiner will need to inspect.

Access via the outside of the vessel is clear and not impeded. However, the examiner is also required to inspect the underside of the deck where the deck filler is connected to the filler line. So clear access is required for this equipment. The examiner is also required to inspect the filler pipe itself and its connection to the fuel tank.

You may wish to check access is clear prior to your inspection otherwise the examiner may not be able to records its security and condition.

This also applies to the fuel tank vent outlet and access will be required to both the inside and outside of this fitting.


Fitting new hosesISO 7840 fuel hose

When fitting new hoses for fuel, gas etc,  not only is it important to use the correct grade hose but it is also particularly helpful to fit the hose in such a position that the examiner can easily read the identifying numbers printed on the hose.


Fire Extinguishers

When checking your fire extinguishers are correct and in a serviceable condition, the examiner will also be checking that the safety pin and security tag are fitted and secure.
If they are not present the examiner may have to record a fail.


Carbon Monoxide Alarms

April 2019 – There is now a new requirement to carry a carbon monoxide alarm. ( Maybe more that one depending on the size of the vessel). The alarm has to meet type approval such as BS EN 50291-1 or BS EN 50291-2. It is not necessary to mount the alarm but not should be displayed in a prominent position. The alarm has to be fully operational and include a test facility. This regulations still applies even if your vessel is not fitted with LPG.


Installed LPG system

Biult in hon and oven

Many of the modern day craft have fully integrated galleys with the hob and oven installed with little or no access to the pipework beneath or to the rear of the worktop. This provides for nice clean lines.

During the examination, the examiner will need to inspect all the joints within the gas supply system. This includes the connecting joints to the hob and oven which, as in the case shown,  are not accessible. Access will need to be provided if the examiner is to complete the inspection.